mercredi 23 mars 2011

Collective Mind

The other day I used the words "collective mind" in a post I had made and it has stayed with me. What did I mean? What does "collective mind" mean to me? I have thought about it. I am sure my ideas will evolve with time, but for now I want to share how I feel about this concept.

Mind is a very fluid experience. Whether it feels between my ears, throughout my body, within the landscape or universal, mind is very subjective. My idea of "collective mind" is just as subjective, I can't say that it's different. But truly it feels different. I am choosing to see it differently. 

I do not perceive myself as isolated within the membranes of this body. There is only one body. We are all of the same mud, the mud is all of the same stardust. So I don't see that my mind cannot find this shared space and experience a shared awareness. 

What would this awareness look like? I think it depends on what level that awareness is experienced. The awareness of humans in a community, the awareness of the land of a country, the awareness of tools, the awareness of an animal population. If we can resonate with the beings or fabric of that which we wish to understand, than I believe we can experience a shared space with them.  What does that space look like; a vibration, a movement, a colour, a feeling? Is this communicating?  It can be, maybe. I think we have a lot to learn. I think each individual has a unique opportunity to resonate with different aspects of reality and each opportunity is open to a different voice and experience.

It is a tricky business. What is the motivation? What is the confirmation? Why are we doing this? What end do we seek? To seek communion. To be able to move in this reality in cooperation with all life. To co-create beauty and living balance. This feels like an important step in the evolution of our consciousness. This feels worthwhile. Is it possible? It's inevitable if we are to engage with the living magic of this world. Is it possible? If we let it. If we let go of what we think we know and walk into the mystery with open emptiness and complete embracing love. So for today this is how I see collective mind. It wasn' t what I thought. But it feels useful and a good direction to be walking in.


dimanche 20 mars 2011

La Porte de Saison

Aujourd'hui c'est le derniere jour de l'hiver. Ici il fait beau est froid.
Dans le cercle de temps on part le nord est passe par la port de nord-est, la porte de femme.  Reflet comment vous passe par cette porte. Prends soin de vos racines. Prends soin de la vie de terre sous tes pieds. Est-ce que c'est bien nourrit? Est-ce que vous etes bien nourrit? Prends temps en silence. Ecoute le voix de vent. Devenir un partie de la ceil. Le temps est beau. On est bien chanceux. On est en vie.
Ce photo etait pris sur Vernal Equinox l'annee prochain. Ca vien de la site Astronomy Pictures of the Day. Happy Spring!

mercredi 16 mars 2011

Living connections

We just received the latest Discover magazine:

"At least 8% of the human genome originated in viruses, whose genetic code was integrated with ours over roughly 40 million years of primate evolution."

The article interviewing Lynn Margulis, professor at University of Mass. at Amerst, on the geosciences faculty, explores her theory that the "primary mechanism of evolution is not mutation but symbiogenesis, in which new species emerge through the symbiotic relationship between two or more kinds of organisms....Symbiogenesis reconizes that every visible lifeform is a combination or community of bacteria." page 69 of april 2011 Discover.

So how do we relate to this invisible world? How do we understand our relationship to our ancestors when our culture seems to be constantly at war with them.
There is a beautiful harmony to discover between our selves and all we do not see. The beginning of this harmony is to just recognize the possibility of it, to create a space within ourselves that nurtures this idea.

There is something very essential and timely about this conscious bond. In the past the symbiosis occured within the flow of time and creation. Now we have the opportunity to participate in what the future holds. We can begin to revise the vision we have of what and who we are. That leaves a door open. A door opens within ourselves. A door opens in the possibilities of the present.

I have no understanding of what the future can or will be. It just feels so important to be flexible, to let go of our past beliefs and embrace the intimacy that exists within us with all the world around us. Let us recognize the invisible world as allies, as a living aspect of our ownselves. Let us make peace with ourselves and move into a future of unknown magic and dynamic possibility.

samedi 12 mars 2011

White Fire Tiger Woman

White Fire
Tiger Woman
Searing Rage
Crippling Confusion

Containment * Silence
bind the power

Let the fire harden the steel
Let the fire reveal the fear

Let the woman rest with the storm
Let the woman dance out her rage

Become a point
Become a darkness

And when the door of the prison is opened
And the fear that was contained is revealed

We find a woman

                          and alive.

If she can dissolve herself into the dancing winter branches
If she can become the stones tumbled round by the ocean waves
If she can rest her heart in the molten center of this Earth

Then maybe her fragility can be the fire
her emptiness can be the tiger
and her life can be a tool

for turning anger into action
for turning fear into strength.